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Columbia Burlap Bag Building

When it was founded in 1871, the West Bottoms quickly became the center of Kansas City's livestock and meat packing industries. Even though the area experienced frequent flooding from the surrounding Kansas and Missouri Rivers, it still managed to stay active for 80 years.

The downfall of the West Bottoms came quickly and unexpectedly. From May to July 1951, record rainfalls caused catastrophic flooding along the Kansas and Missouri Rivers. Cities across eastern Kansas and Missouri were wiped out as flood waters flowed east towards St. Louis.

Since the West Bottoms sits directly on both rivers, it was hit the hardest. Flood waters put nearly two million acres of land underwater, ruining virtually all the businesses in the area. CBS radio broadcaster Jim Burke described the devastation. 

(KCUR | By Cody Newill Published August 13, 2014)

In the past 20 years with the build/move of the haunted houses and other important festivals, there has been an increase in tenant occupancy. When the owners of Trago Bar & Tapas went looking for a new location closer to the city, the Burlap Bag became just the right location at the right time.

Fuego, the current resident of the entire 1st floor, has many plans for the future. It's 6100 sq ft space will see a cocktail bar, speakeasy, event space to hold weddings and other larger capacity events, a bridal suite, an aesthetician room and an area for cooking classes.

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